1000 Free Hotel Stays Rewarded by JA Resorts & Hotels To UAE Medical Workers

The battle against coronavirus (COVID-19) is intensifying all across the globe. Our frontline heroes are the medical staff who are tirelessly working towards fighting this virus while paying the heavy price of endangering their own health.

With an aim of 1000 thank yous, JA Hotels & Resorts announced on 2nd April 2020, that medical workers of the United Arab Emirates are offered 1000 free room stays across the Dubai portfolio of 6 hotels and resorts. This 1000 Thank Yous gesture is to show gratitude towards the medical professionals for their hard work in order to ensure the protection of the local community during the COVID-19 crisis.

What exactly is this wonderful gesture?

The 1000 Thank You’s offer includes a complimentary 1-night stay with breakfast across 6 hotels including JA Palm Tree Court, JA Lake View Hotel and JA Beach Hotel at JA The Resort Dubai, JA Hatta Fort Hotel in the Hajar Mountains and JA Ocean View Hotel and JA Oasis Beach Tower on The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai for up to 1000 medical workers.

Who can avail this offer?

It is available to all medical workers in the UAE, including doctors, nurses, administrative staff, ambulance drivers, cleaners and assistants and anyone who holds a valid UAE medical ID.

How to avail this offer?

Healthcare professionals simply need to send an email with a copy of their UAE medical ID and contact details to thankyou@jaresorts.com before the 30th April 2020. The JA Resorts & Hotels team will allocate redeemable hotel vouchers by email to a selection of 1000 applicants, to be used in any of the hotels once it is safe to do so, subject to availability before the end of 2020.

About JA Resorts & Hotels

A legacy UAE brand, JA Resorts & Hotels was set-up in 1981 and has a widely recognised reputation for excellence, in the management and operation of award-winning resorts and hotels. Taking its name from the original Jebel Ali (JA) Beach hotel, JA Resorts & Hotels portfolio now features 9 distinct properties across the UAE and Indian Ocean. JA Resorts & Hotels is a member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands, bringing together more than 35 brands with over 570 hotels in 78 countries.


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