Dubai: Your Ultimate Guide To The Top 25 Business Lunch Spots – Across Budgets

Are you tired of the same old lunch routine? Spice up your midday break with this ultimate guide to the top business lunch spots in Dubai! Whether you’re pinching pennies or ready to splurge, I’ve got you covered with a range of options that cater to every budget. Say goodbye to your boring packed lunch or those high delivery fees on food apps, and say hello to your brilliant business lunch. Come with me, and let’s dive into this delicious list together. Bon appetite!

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Under AED 50 Business Lunch

1. Buffalo Wings & Rings

Gather your colleagues and enjoy a pocket-friendly business lunch deal at Buffalo Wings & Rings for just AED 49. Indulge in a two-course set menu featuring their classic beef burger and a plate of six wings tossed in your favourite sauce, available Monday to Friday between noon and 3 pm.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 321 6112 or visit their website.

2. Jazz@Pizza Express

Jam to live music while enjoying a great lunch offer at Jazz@Pizza Express. Starting from AED 49, savour the best pizza in the city with a lively ambience, perfect for a midday break.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 441 6342 or visit their website.

Under AED 150 Business Lunch

3. The Grazer

Step away from your desk and savour a fulfilling lunch at The Grazer. Their Tasty Two-Some offer lets you choose a soup or main course from the daily seasonal menu, paired with a delectable dessert from their cake display or a scoop of creamy ice cream. Whether you’re in the mood for savoury or sweet, The Grazer has something to satisfy all your cravings. Available daily from 12 pm to 11:30 pm for AED 110.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 518 7777 or visit their website.

4. Fi’lia

Enjoy a three-course set menu of Italian-Mediterranean classics at Fi’lia, a women-led restaurant in Business Bay. For just AED 99, savor dishes like tomatino or cavolo salad, fresh buffalo margherita, diavola with spianata sausage, or quattro fromaggi pizza. Finish with the Fi’liamisu dessert. An elevated AED 125 menu is also available, including arancini and roasted garlic prawns, among others.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 607 0770 or visit their website.

5. Sfumato

At Sfumato, indulge in starters like shrimp and avocado ceviche, and mains including spinach risotto and pan-seared sea bass. Finish your meal with elderflower basque cheesecake and ice cream. The lunch menu offers a selection of dishes that cater to all preferences, including vegetarian options for just AED 115 (two courses) or AED 135 (three courses).

 For more information or bookings, call 058 101 5649 or visit their website.

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6. Tàn Chá

Tàn Chá’s business lunch menu offers a range of dishes, from duck spring rolls to stir-fried king prawns and cashews. Vegetarians can enjoy options like ma po tofu and Sichuanese aubergine. The menu includes a starter, main course, and tea, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful lunch experience for just AED 100 (two courses) or AED 120 (three courses).

 For more information or bookings, call 056 681 8881 or visit their website.

7. Cé La Vi

At Cé La Vi, enjoy a three-course meal with fabulous views for just AED 140. Indulge in a set menu featuring dishes like burrata salad, black truffle risotto, and miso caramel vanilla mousse, all while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 582 6111 or visit their website.

8. Avli By Tashas

Inspired by Athenian cuisine, Avli by tashas offers a business lunch featuring a selection of cold and hot mezedes, chicken souvlaki, moussaka, and more. End your meal with a peach pavlova or daktyla, immersing yourself in Greek flavours and hospitality for just AED 130 (two courses) or AED 165 (three courses).

 For more information or bookings, call 04 359 0008 or visit their website.

9. Bombay Borough

Experience the Dabba Lunch at Bombay Borough, offering fresh, home-cooked meals every weekday for AED 105 per person. Enjoy various courses, including starters, small plates, and mains, featuring Indian street food dishes and Goan specialities.

 For more information or bookings, call 054 995 8296 or visit their website.

10. Josette

Transport yourself to Paris with Josette’s business lunch menu, offering two courses for AED 135 or four courses for AED

180. With classic Parisian dishes on offer, including Paris-Brest and classic French onion soup, Josette’s menu is sure to delight.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 275 2522 or visit their website.

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11. LDC Kitchen + Coffee

For just AED 78, enjoy a power lunch at LDC Kitchen + Coffee, including a soup or rocket salad, main course, and coffee. With dishes like cast iron lasagna and TanTan ramen on the menu, LDC offers a delicious and fulfilling lunch experience.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 359 7334 or visit their website.

12. The Guild

The Guild offers two menus for your lunchtime delight. The ‘tres rapide’ menu features a main course with a starter or dessert for AED 119, while the ‘power rapide’ includes a starter, main course, dessert, and a Guild house-blended coffee. Perfect for diners on a schedule.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 321 9142 or visit their website.

13. Bussola

Head to Bussola for a two-course set menu featuring Italian dishes for AED 140. Enjoy the chic, earthy interiors or outdoor terrace with stunning golf course views while savouring Italian classics.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 511 7373 or visit their website.

14. Trèsind

Indulge in a five-course lunch menu at Trèsind for AED 125 per person. From pani puri amuse-bouche to Bengali kosha mangsho, each dish is a culinary masterpiece. Enjoy a midday escape with elevated Indian flavours made with top ingredients.

 For more information or bookings, call 056 420 9754 or visit their website.

15. Coya Dubai

Experience the best of Coya with a two-course lunch menu for AED 130 per person. Choose from top à la carte specialities like avocado and shiitake mushroom maki rolls, sea bream ceviche, and more. Add on bite-sized beef gyozas for an extra treat.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 316 9600 or visit their website.

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16. Joe’s Backyard

Enjoy a two-course lunch menu at Joe’s Backyard, featuring starters like smoked brisket tacos and mains like Joe’s cheeseburger for just AED 79. Located in Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse, Joe’s Backyard offers a range of comfort food options to satisfy your cravings.

 For more information or bookings, call 055 709 4509 or visit their website.

17. The Crossing

Designed for busy professionals, The Crossing offers a customized lunch menu with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. From kashiphal salad to achari paneer tikka, each dish is a testament to the artistry of Indian cuisine. Finish your meal with The Crossing’s signature desserts for a delightful finale for AED 95 (two courses) or AED 125 (three courses).

 For more information or bookings, call 04 491 9695 or visit their website.

Under AED 200 Business Lunch

18. Salero by Kempinski

At Salero by Kempinski, your taste buds will be treated to a Spanish fiesta during your lunch break. Dive into a set menu offering a cold tapa, a hot tapa, and chicken paella or upgrade to two cold tapas, a hot tapa, and a special tapa. This savoury experience is available Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00, priced at AED 150 per person, including tapas, paella, a soft drink, and a glass of Château Minuty Rosé.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 409 5888 or visit their website.

19. Punjab Grill

Experience the grandeur of Indian dining at Punjab Grill, with two revamped business lunch options priced at AED 130 and AED 150. The AED 130 menu features a sumptuous four-course meal, including chilled appetizers, soups, kebabs, mains, and desserts. For AED 150, indulge in premium dishes like Zaffrani Jhinga and Kashmiri Lamb Chops, along with enticing add-ons and beverages. Available from 11:30 am to 4 pm in Dubai and 12:30 pm to 4 pm in Abu Dhabi.

 For more information or bookings, call 050 194 1107 or visit their website.

20. Soon Nobby x Izakaya

Experience a classic Japanese set meal with a contemporary spin at SOON Nobby True Izakaya. Available Monday to Friday from noon to 4 pm, the lunch deal offers a three or four-dish menu, including edamame and a selection of Japanese specialities.

 For more information or bookings, call 055 434 0575 or visit their website.

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21. AURA Skypool

Enjoy lunch with a panoramic view of Dubai at AURA Skypool. For AED 195 per person, indulge in a two-course meal featuring Korean fried chicken or Thai green papaya salad, followed by a choice of main course and dessert.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 566 2121 or visit their website.

22. February 30

Head to February 30 for a fun and vibrant business lunch offering. Choose from a variety of starters, followed by a main course of sea bass, lamb cutlets, or grilled baby chicken, and end your meal with a delightful dessert.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 244 7200 or visit their website.

23. Nobu Dubai

Experience an express lunch menu at Nobu Dubai every Friday and Sunday from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm for AED 175 per person. Enjoy a selection of starters, sushi, and main courses, ending with a dessert for an additional cost. Treat yourself to the best of Japanese cuisine at Nobu Dubai.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 426 0760 or visit their website.

Under AED 300 Business Lunch

24. Godiva Cafe

Treat yourself to a three-course business lunch at Godiva Cafe for AED 225. Enjoy a salad, a main course of beef tenderloin, seabass, or chicken skewers, and a dessert from the range of Godiva specialities on display.

 For more information or bookings, call 04 347 8440 or visit their website.

25. Atmosphere

Experience the highest restaurant in the world at Atmosphere, perched atop Burj Khalifa. Their ‘Quick Fix Luncheon’ offers a two or three-course dining experience featuring dishes like wagyu croquettes and wild sea bass. Enjoy luxury dining with stunning views of Dubai from the world’s tallest building for just AED 300 for a three-course menu (or you can opt for their two-course menu for AED 250).

 For more information or bookings, call 04 888 3828 or visit their website.

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