Everything You Need To Know About The Fujairah International Airport’s Expansion Plans

This may comes as news to some of you, but yes Furjairah does have it’s own airport and its been in operation since 1987 (even I didn’t know this, and I’m a Dubai kid). And now, they are planning to make waves in the travel industry by expanding their flight services. Come with me, and I’ll tell you all the details you need to know about the Fujairah International Airport (FIA).

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An International Hub For Travel

The recent Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) in Dubai buzzed with discussions about FIA’s potential to become a hub for international flights. Insights were shared into the airport’s growing appeal, with numerous carriers expressing interest in launching flights from FIA.

Upcoming Flights

Excitement peaks as Egypt Air gears up to kickstart flights to Fujairah in July. Additionally, negotiations with an Indian airline are in their final stages, hinting at more connectivity options for travellers. The success story of SalamAir’s weekly flights to Muscat paints a promising picture for FIA’s future endeavours. FIA is all about catering to the needs of their travellers.

Ambitious Expansion Plans

With ambitions to become a major player in the aviation industry, FIA has big plans for expansion. With the capability to handle over 2 million passengers annually and boasting a parallel runway, FIA stands out as an economically viable option for airlines.

Fujairah International Airport – Connecting You With The World

Located just an hour’s drive away from major cities in Dubai, FIA presents itself as a convenient alternative for travellers. Its proximity, coupled with its niche market appeal, makes it an attractive option for those seeking hassle-free travel experiences.

With its ambitious expansion plans and commitment to personalized service, Fujairah International Airport emerges as a promising hub for convenient and enjoyable air travel experiences.

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