There’s A New Viral Dessert Craze Taking Over Dubai

A new dessert trend is taking over Dubai. The biggest craze right now is small bite-size stuffed chocolate balls that you can dip into even more chocolate! And if there’s one place in Dubai that’s doing this trend right, it’s definitely Just Fresh. Let me not keep you from these fun-sized balls of joy any longer. Keep reading to find out everything you need about their crunch raspberry bites. (Also, for every time I say ‘chocolate’ in this article, you need to eat one crunch raspberry bite – deal?)

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries? Who’s That?

It’s time to ditch those old-fashioned chocolate-covered strawberries and upgrade to something better. The crunchy raspberry bites from Just Fresh are exactly what they sound like. Fresh raspberries are dipped in white chocolate, then in regular chocolate, and frozen to perfection. And the best part is, even after all that chocolate coating, you can dip it into even more melted chocolate sauce! All that’s left is to pop one in your mouth and be instantly teleported to a dessert haven.

It’s A Raspberry Paradise

And the raspberry lovin doesn’t stop there. It’s clearly raspberry season over at Just Fresh because these little red fruits have taken over the menu. They even have a spectacular raspberry ice cream that is designed to perfectly cool you down on these hot, hot days we’ve been having. And if you’re a little more into the colour green, they even have a delicious green mango-flavoured ice cream ready for you to gobble up!

So, how many times did I say the Chocolate, and how many crunchy raspberry bites do you need to have?

Just Fresh Quick Deets

Location: Aswaq Mall – Al Barsha South – Dubai
Timings: Open daily from 10 AM–2 AM
Contact: 054 791 2793

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