Dubai Announces Remote Work & Flexible Hours Plan For Private & Public Sector Employees

Great news for all 9-5 goers in Dubai! In an effort to improve traffic flow, Dubai is set to expand flexible working hours and remote work policies across public and private sectors. This move aims to alleviate traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. Here are all the details you need to know.

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Enhancing Public Transport

The traffic plan includes developing priority public bus routes to reduce trip times by up to 59%. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plans to expand dedicated bus lanes to over 20km by 2027.

Insights from The People Of Dubai

Authorities initiated a survey to understand how flexible hours and remote working could ease traffic. The plan’s specifics and implementation timeline remain unclear.

Digital Infrastructure For Remote Work

Dubai’s offices are equipped with digital infrastructure to enable remote work during emergencies. Recent heavy rains prompted both private and government offices to shift online, allowing employees to work from home.

Encouraging School Transport Use

A policy encouraging school students to use school transport is part of the plan, aiming to improve traffic flow around schools by 13%.

Putting Practice Into Play

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed approved the plan during the Arabian Travel Market at the World Trade Centre. The plan also includes boosting community participation in shaping policies, legislation, and government services to better align them with community needs.

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