UAE Government Denies Rumours About Helicopters Spraying Disinfectants

Just like most countries across the globe, Dubai is also following strict self-quarantine rules and mostly working from home. Now the challenges that come with working from home are new to us, but internet rumours aren’t. If you’ve been active on the socials in the past few days, you will be no stranger to the fake news that’s been circulating about the Coronavirus.

A recent WhatsApp forward has made its way to the residents of Dubai claiming that the government will be flying helicopters to spray disinfectants but turns out, the UAE authorities have outright denied any of these claims.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, NCEMA, also advises people to go through the official websites of WHO, UNICEF and the CDC for news and updates related to the Coronavirus. Apart from denying all such rumours, they are asking the citizens to refrain from believing and forwarding anything on social media that isn’t posted on the official pages.

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