Snacks We Miss From Our Childhood In Dubai

Nothing can replace the memories of our favourite childhood snacks that we use to run or cry for at the grocery. The new aged snacks are good too but the feel and taste of our childhood snacks cannot be replaced by any new age bites. I am born and raised in Dubai and I am proud to call this beautiful city as home. Well, which also means I get a lot of people asking me how is it growing up in the UAE. But recently I was asked something strange. While sitting with a few colleagues, one of them had just returned back home and got their childhood snacks for everyone to try. Instantly one of them asked what were your snacks and someone commented I am sure they were fancy. But to everyone out there who are Dubai Kids, I totally feel you. This to everyone to know here our some of our favourite childhood snacks which we still miss and are not so easily available or have been discontinued for good. 

P.S. - Finding photos of some of the products is truly impossible. 

1. Koukou roukou biscuit

It had to top the list. This chocolate wafer biscuit was every dubai kids paradise and its completely irreplaceable. 

2. Galaxy Milk 

I am still disappointed with the fact they have stopped producing these. You still get the bottled ones but they aren’t the same like the terra pack one with two flavor options Cramel and Chocolate. 

3. Unikai Strawberry Milk Carton 

Do I need to say anything more? 

4. Tiffany Cakes 

Choose your flavor Vanilla, Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. I still remember when anyone use to get that as their snack in school it use to be a complete nightmare for that person.

5. Bazzoka Gum 

The closest some of us ever got to a tattoo. The attitude we had when use to get a better tattoo then your gang. 

6. Astroid Chocolates 

The chocolate coated chocolates that truly made you believe that you were in space. 

7. Pik-One Chocolate Wafers

The KitKat of our times 

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