This Could Be Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Dubai

This Could Be Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Dubai

If you’re looking for a unique way to start your day in Dubai, then look no further than Balloon Flights. With a fleet of three balloons of varying sizes and designs, they have something to suit every ballooning preference. Whether you’re looking for a private, intimate flight experience or want to soar high above the region’s desert bursting with life, they’ve got you covered. Read on to get all the details.

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The Biggest Balloons in the Middle East

Balloon Flights’ A6 WOW and A6OMG balloons are the biggest of their kind in the Middle East, accommodating up to 28 guests per balloon. And for a more intimate experience, their A6FUN balloon is perfect for up to 10 people. So, no matter your group size, they can provide you with the perfect hot-air balloon experience. Unfortunately, Balloon Flights may close for the season soon, and this could be your last chance to enhoy a gorgeous aerial view of Dubai!

A Thrilling Journey with Balloon Flights

The balloon flights start early in the morning, with guests being picked up from their location and checked in to our indoor majlis at 5.00am. After a warm welcome with coffee and tea, guests receive a safety briefing to understand what to expect on the hot-air balloon. Following this, they will be driven to a balloon take-off point to begin their thrilling journey.


Peaceful and Exhilarating Flight

As you watch your hot-air balloon being inflated for flight, excitement builds, and following the staff’s instructions, you are safely tucked into the basket and the ascent begins. The journey to 4000 feet in the air is peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. You’ll take in the stunning scenery, including the sunrise, other balloons gracefully floating in the air, and an endless ocean of dunes. While you’re up there, you can see Dubai’s wildlife, including oryx, gazelles, and wandering camels.

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This Could Be Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over DubaiGourmet Breakfast and Skydiving

Following your flight, you’ll be driven to our private open-air majlis, where you can freshen up and enjoy a gourmet breakfast of hot and cold delicacies. From eggs and sausages to vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches, pastries, fresh juices, and tea/coffee, there’s something for everyone. And while you’re enjoying your meal, you’ll have the chance to witness tandem skydive jumps right in front of you.

Safe and Enjoyable Balloon Flights

At Balloon Flights, they take safety seriously, and the commercial team has an exceptionally rich aviation background. All of the pilots are licensed and have over ten years of combined experience flying hundreds of happy passengers over the breathtaking landscapes of 30+ countries. So, you can be sure that your balloon flight experience will be both spectacular and safe.

This Could Be Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Dubai

Special Occasion? Celebrate Here!

Whether you’re looking for an incomparable sightseeing adventure, a team-building activity, or want to celebrate a special date or romantic occasion in a private aerial setting, they have the most ideal package for you. So, why not come and experience the magic of Balloon Flights in Dubai? We guarantee it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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