Jet-Set In Style: Shop Emirates’ New Exclusive Upcycled Collection For Sustainable Travel Bliss!

Prepare to elevate your travel style with the exclusive Emirates upcycled collection, a sustainable range meticulously crafted from repurposed aircraft interiors. The journey begins not just at your destination, but with the luggage you carry along. Whether it’s suitcases, backpacks, handbags, cardholders, toiletry bags, belts, or even shoes, Emirates has you covered with a curated selection designed and handmade by our skilled tailors. Here is are all the fab details you need to know!

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From Sky To Fashion

Emirates takes sustainable fashion to new heights, as the collection is made from upcycled materials sourced from retrofitted aircraft. Each piece tells a unique story, breathing new life into materials that once soared through the skies.

Jet-Set In Style: Shop Emirates' New Exclusive Upcycled Collection For Sustainable Travel Bliss!

Coming Soon: Limited-Edition Extravaganza

Mark your calendars for 2024 when the limited-edition range hits the shelves of Emirates Official Stores. What’s even better? You can shop guilt-free, knowing that every dirham spent will be donated to children in need through the Emirates Airline Foundation.

A Personalised Touch

Stand out in the crowd by ordering handmade-to-order items. You can even request personalised laser engraving on select, one-of-a-kind bags, suitcases, or document holders, making your travel accessories as unique as your journey.

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Repurposing The Unusual

Wondering what makes our collection stand out? They’ve repurposed surprising materials from aluminum headrests to leather from A380 onboard lounges, seatbelts, and even fur from the Captain’s seat. It’s not just luggage; it’s a piece of aviation history.

Behind The Scenes: Crafting Excellence

Emirates’ team of 14 talented tailors, officially known as Engineering Maintenance Assistants, are the creative minds behind the scenes. They fix and stitch tears in the interiors of our vast aircraft fleet, with four dedicated full-time to the upcycling initiative. These artisans collaborate with suppliers to transform materials into unique, eco-friendly masterpieces.

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Sky’s The Limit

From 16 retrofitted aircraft, Emirates has already recovered more than 14,000kg of materials, with potential to salvage up to 270kg of leather and 627kg of seat fabric per retrofitted aircraft. The fabrics, including high-quality pure leather from First Class Seats and 95% wool seat fabrics, undergo a meticulous cleaning process before being transformed into your next travel companion.

Experience Sustainable Travel Fashion With Emirates

This initiative is not just about luggage; it’s a testament to Emirates’ commitment to innovation and sustainability. Keep an eye on the Emirates Store site, where you can soon register your interest and be the first to embark on this sustainable fashion journey coming to you in 2024!

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