Wasl Tower Is Set To Be The World’s Tallest Sustainable Building – Redefining Dubai’s Skyline

Dubai is set to break records, not just in height but also in sustainability, with the impending completion of the Wasl Tower. This 64-storey architectural marvel is poised to stand as the tallest sustainable building globally, showcasing Dubai’s unwavering commitment to cutting-edge green practices in construction. Here are all the eco-friendly details you need to know about Wasl Tower!

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Wasl Tower Unveiled: A Blend of Tradition & Modern Innovation

So, what exactly is Wasl Tower? This towering structure, reaching an impressive height of 302 meters, is not just about breaking records; it’s a harmonious blend of traditional renewable materials and cutting-edge ingenuity. According to Hesham Abdullah Al Qassim, CEO of Wasl Group, the tower symbolises a continuous effort to innovate and create sustainable developments that align with both people’s needs and the UAE’s climate goals.

The Ceramic Fins Revolution: A Leap Towards Energy Efficiency

Scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2024, Wasl Tower stands tall, both literally and metaphorically, embodying Dubai’s role as a pioneer in sustainable construction. What sets it apart is its ingenious use of ceramic fins, aligning seamlessly with the UAE’s sustainability goals, especially during the impactful Year of Sustainability.

Fine Ceramic Fins: A Triple Threat For Comfort & Efficiency

The tower’s façade boasts finely crafted ceramic fins, a hybrid marvel of clay and low-tech glazed ceramic encased in aluminum. These fins serve a trifecta of purposes – providing shade, enhancing wind-induced cooling, and ushering natural light deep into the building’s interior. A true multi-tasker in the world of architecture!

Developed by Wasl, this expansive mixed-use project sprawls across approximately 167,733 square meters, offering a diverse range of spaces, including residential apartments, offices, restaurants, and a luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel with 259 keys, not to forget the inviting swimming pool.

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Innovative Features: The Heroes Behind Wasl Tower’s Sustainability

The tower doesn’t just rely on its impressive height for sustainability; it incorporates solar thermal panels, bronze-coated reflective glazing, and the star of the show – the ceramic fins. Together, these features significantly reduce cooling loads and overall energy consumption, promising a haven of comfort for its occupants.

Nature-Friendly Microclimate: A Breath of Fresh Air

The integration of outdoor landscaping, vegetation, and passive systems is set to create a pleasant outdoor microclimate. Careful planning shields the interior from external and internal noise, and the tower’s grey return water aids in irrigation, contributing to water conservation efforts.

As a whole, Wasl Tower is not just a symbol of architectural prowess and height; it’s a living testament to Dubai’s commitment to sustainable living. As it reaches towards the sky, it also reaches towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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