FoodATM In Dubai Receives A Guinness World Record For Delivering The Highest Number Of Meals In 8 Hours

Credits: Instagram

Food-ATM, an organisation with the motto, “Food-ATM contributes daily towards UN SDG “Zero Hunger”. We provide truly inexpensive 3 daily meals to the lower-income Communities”, recently won a Guinness World Record for delivering the highest number of meals in 8 hours. Here is their entire story:


“I remember the inception days of Food-ATM when business was not coming to us, we used to go to business. Who is our business? The lower-income workers & were found working on the streets. They used to buy our Aed 3/- meals daily.

Once, my vehicle broke down and the meals in my vehicle were shifted to other vehicles visiting construction & various project sites. The next day when I visited my regular route of meals sales, I was heavily fired by one of the labours. He stated that because of my non-availability all the labours on that route had to buy meals worth Aed 11/- each instead of Aed 3/-.

After receiving the firing, I rushed back to the Food-ATM facility, collected my team & exhaled it out – “We are on the right track & let’s continue this effort. We have started making a difference in several lives !“ Today, when I have received the much-awaited “Guinness World Record” Certificate, for feeding over 50000 lower-income workers in 5 hours, I feel totally humbled. The blessings of all those whom we served food, on every road and continue to do so, has brought about this day!”