Expo 2020 Dubai Site Will Be Transformed Into Expo City!

In a series of tweets, HH Sheikh Mohammed revealed his plan for the Expo 2020 Dubai Site. He said it will be transformed into Expo City Dubai & will also welcome numerous businesses and new residents. Expo City Dubai will be a “hub of economic activity,” with major corporations and their headquarters based there. From October, the city will open in stages. It will be free to come and explore, but the pavilions will require a ticketed attraction pass. More information on passes should be available soon. It will be constructed in accordance with environmental requirements, as well as Dubai’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030.


“After the historical success of Expo 2020 Dubai, visited by more than 24 million visitors, left a mark in the 170-year history of world expositions, today we announce the transformation of the exhibition site into Expo City Dubai, a new city that represents the ambitions of Dubai,” Sheikh Mohammed wrote. Expo City Dubai will be an environmentally friendly city that caters to families and future generations. A city connected to a port and two airports, and also to beautiful memories in the hearts and minds of millions of people.”

“The magic of Expo will continue,” Sheikh Mohammed wrote. Al Wasl Dome will remain, the Expo waterfall will remain, and the pavilions will remain: the Emirates, Ali and Terra. This new city will be home to a new museum, a world-class exhibition centre and the headquarters of cutting-edge and fast-growing companies. It will continue to host the pavilions of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and others. It will be a city that embodies the dreams of every city.”

The public will soon be able to relive their favourite experiences at Expo 2020 Dubai, according to Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and managing director of Expo 2020 Dubai. “While Expo 2020 Dubai closed its doors, Expo City Dubai never will,” she said in a virtual briefing from Paris, where the Bureau International des Expositions held its General Assembly. Expo City Dubai will continue to provide a model for innovative urban districts geared towards collaboration, knowledge sharing and talent creation for the benefit of future generations.

“It will leverage into extraordinary infrastructure advantages to generate local and global economic value as a clean and green tech hub. The city will be a “24-hour neighbourhood” that will feature unique art and world-class architecture”, she said. “This was always the vision and commitment of Dubai and the UAE,” said Ms Al Hashimy. “We will always connect minds and create the future, then and now.”