5 Reasons Why You Need The HTC Vive Flow!

The Vive Flow is HTC’s newest VR headset, and it looks radically different from almost every other VR headset on the market. The Taiwanese electronics company, which was once a significant figure in the mobile industry, is trying to focus its VR products on both the consumer and enterprise segments, particularly in remote collaboration, as more people and businesses rely on virtual meetings, which have grown in popularity since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hence here are 5 reasons why you need the HTC Vive Flow:

Stereo Speakers:

Sound is the crux of everything. Good sound means good experience, this device by HTC guarantees that. There are stereo speakers on the edges of the glasses, as well as the ability to link Bluetooth headphones if you want to enjoy a private session.


The Flow weighs 189g, with the majority of its weight coming from the rather bulky front end, which luckily does not feel top-heavy when worn. Light-weight devices ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Amazing VR Experience:

Consider watching 360-degree videos and films while also providing the option for some game time. HTC is also hoping that you’ll use the Flow to help you relax and perhaps get a good night’s sleep.


It’s a totally wireless headset – you’re not tied to anything — meant to be tiny and portable, which means the device will take less to almost no storage space in your cupboard.

Great Storage: 

Another thing people look for in electronic devices is storage and RAM. Large storage and RAM is directly linked with good performance. Hence this device has an amazing memory and storage of 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM respectively.

In our opinion, portability and comfort is game-changer. Even after using it for a significant amount of time, it doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes. For people who love VR or even someone who wants to experience this kind of technology for the first time, this is a highly recommended product! Rating: 4.5/5. The VIVE flow is available to buy starting today exclusively from Etisalat stores at AED 100/month.