Wolf Collar Camera Shows What Actually They Do All Day, See Video:

A group of researchers based in Minnesota managed to attach a camera on the collar of a wild wolf to keep track of its daily activities. The wolf was sedated by Voyageurs Wolf Project and hence the camera captured about 30 seconds of video at the start of each hour during the daytime. It also captured wolves eating blueberries.

“What is particularly fascinating is that this wolf (V089, a lone wolf) knew how to hunt and catch fish,” the organization wrote. “He can be seen eating three different fish, which were all killed and consumed at the same spot along the Ash River.”

“This doesn’t mean that wolves prefer berries over their typical prey,” said the organization. “But rather than in July-August, wolves’ typical prey (deer fawns and beavers) are harder to catch and so wolves turn to a food source that is abundant and requires little energy expenditure.”

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