The Next 5-Day Long Weekend Is Just A Month Away

Did everyone enjoy their 9-day long holiday? It almost felt like a dream with how quickly it flew by, but at least we made the most of it. But don’t be too disappointed now that it’s over, and we all have to go back to the reality of a full working week. How would you feel if I told you that the next long weekend is Dubai is just around the corner? Well, it’s true the next long weekend we can expect to see in Dubai is coming for us this June! Come with me, and I’ll tell you exactly when and why we’re getting a 4-day long weekend!

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When Is The Next Long Weekend In Dubai?

This June will bring us a sweet 4-day long weekend in Dubai, and it’s all thanks to Arafat Day & Eid al Adha. Arafat Day is set for Saturday, June 15th, followed by Eid al Adha on Sunday, June 16th, with the potential of additional days off on Monday, June 17th and Tuesday, June 18th. That’s a long weekend if I’ve ever seen one.

What Is Arafat Day & Eid al Adha?

Arafat Day marks the pinnacle of the Hajj pilgrimage, where Muslims gather at Mount Arafat to pray for forgiveness and blessings. It’s a day of immense spiritual significance, symbolizing unity and humility before the divine. Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, follows Arafat Day, commemorating Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Muslims worldwide celebrate by sacrificing animals, distributing meat to the needy, and strengthening bonds with family and community. These occasions reflect the core values of Islam—compassion, sacrifice, and devotion to God—bringing believers together in joyful reverence.

Stay tuned to Gulf Buzz as we’ll tell you all the fun and brilliant ways you can commemorate this splendid 4-day long weekend for Arafat Day & Eid al Adha in Dubai.

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