Win AED 2 Million This National Day

Are you eyeing a designer bag but don’t have enough savings to buy it? Do you want to go on a fancy vacation without burning a hole in your pocket? Do you want to live like royalty in Dubai for a day? Do you need a fancy new car? If the answer to these questions is a BIG yes, then we have an eye-popping offer that will make all your dreams come true. All you have to do is spend AED50 to win a cash prize of AED2,000,000. How’s that possible? Well, read on for all the deets. 

Spend AED50 On Idealz & Win A Whopping Cash Prize of AED2 Million 

The official National Day Grand Cash Prize is announced and you can win AED2,000,000 this year. To be the lucky winner, participate in the ultimate draw campaign organized by Idealz. Download the Idealz mobile app or visit and purchase a Rosa Set for AED50 to get a ticket for the lucky draw. Enter the contest, and who knows? You could win a cash prize of a whopping AED2,000,000. Imagine all the luxurious things you can buy with this money or save it all and secure your future. All your fancy dreams can come true with this massive cash prize. Shop Here

Winner Will Be Announced On December 2, During 51st National Day Celebrations

The draw will take place live on December 2nd, during the 51st National Day celebrations, so hurry, participate NOW! 

Established in 2016 and one of the most popular online stores in Dubai, Idealz aims to offer a unique and exciting experience to shoppers. The innovative e-commerce site is known for changing the game in the shopping world by rewarding its customers for every purchase; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And while most people turn to online shopping for discounts and deals, , Idealz takes the shopping experience to a whole new level by organizing big-scale draws. From cash prizes to luxury cars, apartments, electronics, and so much more, Idealz ensures that its customers are always happy. 

Idealz Has A Loyal Fanbase In Over 120 Countries

The homegrown e-commerce site enjoys a huge fanbase in over 120 countries and is known to bring a smile to its customers’ faces through unique draws and campaigns. In fact, with the purchase of every Idealz product, the customer gets a complimentary coupon, which lets them take part in the lucky draw that the product is associated with. Customers may also choose to donate the purchased product to Dubai Cares, and thanks to a unique buy-back agreement that Idealz has with the charity, the value of the donated product is contributed to the construction and operation of schools in less fortunate parts of the world. So far, over 8-schools have been funded. 

At present, Idealz has tons of draws that you can take part in. You can spend AED50 and win your very own apartment in Dubai, Spend AED75  and  win a Chelsea FC Edition Hublot watch, or spend AED500 for a chance to win AED100,000 in cash! . And if you are aiming for something more exquisite, buy a Unity Tee worth AED315 and stand a chance to win a 2022 Tesla Model Y. In fact, you can also win a Range Rover by purchasing a Hashtag Hoodie for AED750. . Shop at Idealz and win prizes and more daily. 

If you are planning to participate in the AED2,000,000 Cash Prize campaign, keep these things in mind. 

  1. The campaign is the official National Day Grand Cash Prize
  2. You need to spend AED50 to enter the campaign 
  3. The maximum draw date for the campaign is December 2, 2022. 

So hurry to participate now by clicking here and celebrate 51st National Day in UAE with style, luxury and grandeur. Shop Here




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