Explore The Parisian Land With Your Girlfriends At This Emily In Paris Themed Ladies Night In Dubai

Credits: Netflix

Netflix has come up with amazing shows and movies this season, one such is ‘Emily in Paris’. It is a binge-worthy show about a young woman named Emily who goes to Paris. In Dubai, inspired by this, in Marina Social, ‘Emily in Dubai’ is taking place every Tuesday night from 6 pm onwards.

It is a ladies special night, women can enjoy so many things here, a pop-up flower shop, French fare, and amazing fashion tips from experts. Start your evening by paying AED 250, which includes a full three-course meal (many dishes which are inspired by the show), and two hours of free drinks!

The food contains the classic Madeleines and crème brûlée, an omelet, a perfect and juicy steak, and the ultimate Chicago style pizza.

So the next time you are planning a ladies’ night out or if you just want to hangout or relax with your girlfriends, consider this option!


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