UAE Driving License Can Now Be Renewed With Your Emirates ID Online

Credits: Instagram & Pixabay

Who thought renewing your driving license will get so easy? You can now renew your UAE driving license online with your Emirates ID. The RTA announced this on Twitter and also shared the link for the same. Here is the link.

Before starting the online process you will have to take an eye test. The renewal period for a UAE driver’s licence is 10 years for nationals of the UAE and the GCCC and 5 years for residents. You must also pay off all traffic fines before renewing your driving license. If you wait longer than one month to renew your driver’s licence after it expires, you must pay a fee of AED 10 (per month), as long as it doesn’t total more than AED 500. If you are someone who hasn’t renewed their driving license for ten years, then you will have to take a road test to renew.