K9 Friends Dubai Needs Your Help Desperately & Here’s How You Can:

Credits: Instagram

K9 Friends Dubai was established in 1989 and it helps to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned dogs, but it’s constantly filled with dogs that need homes. This is one of the longest-running animal shelters in the UAE, but right now it needs your help desperately. We all know how hard the pandemic has been on many people, unfortunately, K9 Friends Dubai is suffering financially. But there are a couple of ways how we can help them, here’s how:


If adopting a dog is not an option for you, you can sponsor a dog. According to their official website, around AED 5000 is spent to care for each dog every year but if you sponsor a dog, you would only need to donate AED 370 per year.

Credits: Instagram

Right now, K9 is not able to keep up with vet care, food and bills so sponsorship deals from us will help them in running the shelter efficiently. If you register, you’ll get a certificate with a picture of the dog you are sponsoring, a profile with information about the dog’s rescue, etc., and you will even get the chance to meet the dog in person.

The money will support the group’s efforts to rescue and find homes for pets. Additionally, you can give the sponsorship to a special person or animal in honour of them. ‘Every dirham counts’, says the K9 team, even if you donate as little as AED 50, you will receive a digital postcard of thanks from the K9 team.

Another way is to sponsor a kennel, you can keep a dog’s kennel full for a year. If you sponsor a kennel (it takes just AED 1,050 per year) your name will appear on a board at the dog’s kennel for 12 months.

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