Here Is The Glimpse Of The First-Ever Air Conditioned Jogging Track In Al Gharrafa Park In Qatar

Credits: Instagram

Ashghal reported in a tweet that the Supervisory Committee for the Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar has announced the inauguration of Al Gharrafa Park on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

Children with Special Needs from Shafallah Center participated in the event planting trees for Qatar Beautification and the Supervisory Committee of Roads and Public Places’ Kids Planting Trees initiative. Together with the Ministry of Municipality, they want to plant a million trees. Al-Gharrafa Park, located in the Al-Gharrafa region on about 50,000 square mt of land, is a new central park that will serve people from numerous areas, including Al-Gharrafa, Gharrafat Al-Rayyan, Izghawa, Al-Luqta, and Al-Rayyan, and will cater to people of all ages.

Al Gharrafa Park features the first-ever air-conditioned walking and jogging tracks, as well as another cycle track, with integrated cooling and air-conditioning system to provide perfect temperature between 26°C – 28°C, using an innovative method that reduces running costs by 50%.

The system is designed to make use of environmental factors such as trees and climbing veins, which aid to circulate cold air, decreasing leakage, and keeping cold air inside the track, lowering the temperature by 10°C without the need for mechanical assistance, in addition to installing modified a/c.

Credits: Instagram

The 657m air-conditioned pedestrian tracks are housed in Islamic Mashrabiya-style constructions to allow air conditioners to circulate. If the ambient temperature does not exceed 37°C, a solar panel cover provides electricity to power the air conditioners.

Climbing plants give extra shade, lowering the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius. They also assist to decrease cold air loss and circulating it to keep the appropriate temperature at an affordable level. Rubberized flooring is set with colours that assist prevent temperature absorption.

The opening of Qatar’s first park with air-conditioned tracks was characterised as a “great achievement” by Muhammad Arqoub Al-Khalidi, head of the supervisory committee for road and public place beautification.