Here Are The Revised Taxi Fares For Dubai & Sharjah In July, Effective Immediately

Due to the recently hiked petrol prices in July, up to 50 fils per liter from June 2022 fuel prices, Dubai and Sharjah RTAs have revised taxi fares with immediate effect, and here’s how much it will cost you to take a taxi in the following emirates:

Dubai: The RTA announced an increase of approximately 20 fils per km, from AED 1.99/km to AED 2.21/km, while the base fare remains unchanged at AED 12.

Sharjah: The minimum fare has been hiked by AED 4, from AED 13.50 to AED 17.50 in July, according to Sharjah’s RTA. Although the base fare is AED 7 with AED 1.62/km rate, the minimum amount at the end of the trip now costs AED 17.50.

Careem and Uber: Hala taxi fares have been raised from AED 1.98 to 2.19 per km. Uber will hike charges of selected rides by nearly 11%, as stated in an e-mail update to users.