Get Shawarmas For Just AED 13 At This Hidden Gem In Jumeirah

If You’re a Dubai Kid like me, then you’ve definitely heard tales from your dad about how cheap food in Dubai used to be. I still remember his 50-fil lunch meal stories, and as a kid, I would roll my eyes after hearing it for the millionth time, but now how desperately I wish a 50-fil lunch meal was still a possibility in Dubai. Sadly, we may not be able to go back in time to the good old days, but that doesn’t mean affordability has left the chat just yet – allow me to introduce to you this charming little hidden gem we have found in Jumeriah where you can get delicious shawarma’s starting from just AED 13! Come with me and find out the details you need to know about this sweet deal.

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AED 13 Shawarmas At Abo Wadih

Abo Wadih has mastered the art of crafting mouthwatering shawarmas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. With prices starting at a wallet-friendly AED 13, it’s a testament to their commitment to providing scrumptious food without compromising affordability.

Retro Charm Meets Vintage Vibes

Step into Abo Wadih and be transported to a world where retro charm meets vintage elegance. The restaurant boasts a captivating indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, creating a welcoming ambience that complements the delectable dishes served. The carefully curated vintage setup adds a touch of nostalgia to your dining experience.

So, What’s On The Menu?

Beyond the traditional offerings, indulge in Arabic fusion delights, such as the tantalising chicken shawarma burgers. The fusion of flavours adds an exciting twist to your culinary adventure.

The combination of affordability and top-notch quality makes this restaurant the perfect new spot for all your shawarma cravings.

Abo Wadih Quick Deets

Location: Jumeirah
Timings: Open daily from 12 PM–3 AM
Contact: 04 835 6977

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