Dubai’s Biggest Holi Celebration – Holi Masti, Is Happening This March

Gear up for an explosion of vibrant hues, electrifying beats, and unbeatable fun as Holi Masti, the ultimate Holi bash, makes its grand return to Dubai on March 3rd. Nestled in the breathtaking Al Sahara Desert Resort against the backdrop of Dubai’s pristine desert, this celebration kicks off at 10 am and promises to keep the party alive until the desert sky is painted with stars. Hosted by the entertainment maestros, Spotlight Entertainment, Holi Masti – Festival of Colours assures an entire day brimming with non-stop entertainment and thrill. Here are all the cheerful details you need to know.

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Star-Studded Lineup & Unforgettable Performances

Picture this: Sukriti Kakar, Manj Musik, Kanika Kapoor, Nindy Kaur, Prakriti Kakar, and the Theory Band – the musical virtuosos behind Ranbir Kapoor’s epic entry medley in the film Animal. Brace yourselves for a stage ablaze with their electrifying tunes. But wait, there’s more! Numerous DJs will keep you grooving all day, complemented by features like the VIP Arena, Kids Arena, Licensed Beverages, Food Stalls, and Organic Colours.

An Unparalleled Experience Awaits

Imagine a world where vivid colours, infectious melodies, and an atmosphere of pure joy collide. That’s what this Holi bash promises – an experience like never before. Ashwin Sancheti, the brain behind Spotlight Entertainment, is buzzing with excitement for the fifth edition of Holi Masti. He shares, “Our aim is simple – to deliver the absolute best entertainment to Dubai. Get ready for an extraordinary day filled with colours, music, and heaps of fun. It’s not just a party; it’s our way of ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. This Holi Masti is poised to be bigger and better than ever, setting a new standard for fun in Dubai. We can’t wait to see you there – it’s going to be a blast!”

Mark Your Calendar and Grab Your Tickets!

Don’t miss out on the revelry! Save the date and snag your tickets, starting at just AED 80 on PlatinumList. Plus, a bonus – children under the age of 5 can join in the fun for free. This Holi celebration is not just an event; it’s a historic moment in the making. Join us for a legendary Holi Masti that will be etched in your memory forever. Be part of the epic fun – you won’t want to miss it!

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