Riding Taxis In Dubai Is About To Get Cheaper Thanks To New App

Fare-ly Exciting: Bid for Your Ride!

Hailing a taxi in Dubai is about to get a whole lot more exciting, and dare we say, budget-friendly! Say hello to Drife, a new ‘soon to be launched’ app that’s turning taxi rides into a thrilling auction experience. Forget the fixed fares and meter madness; with Drife, drivers bid for your ride, putting the power back in your hands.

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The Auction Adventure: Choose Your Fare, Your Way

Picture this: you open the app, enter your destination, and voila! Different cabbies pop up, each with their bid for your ride. Want to stick to a budget? Go for the driver offering a standard fare. Feeling a bit fancy? Choose a premium option. It’s like having your own personal taxi auction, and the best part? No commission is paid to anyone, making it a win-win for both you and the driver.

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Subscription Magic: Drife’s Winning Formula

Drife is not just a ride-hailing service; it’s a subscription-based game-changer. By decentralizing the system, Drife empowers drivers to take control of their fares. Founder Firdosh Sheikh explains, “We want to empower the drivers by decentralizing the system and allowing them more control over their fares.” It’s not just a taxi ride; it’s taxi 3.0 services, where everyone gets a slice of the fun and savings.

When Is The Launch?

Launching in Dubai this month, Drife promises to kick off with 100 limousines from a private company. The goal? To later team up with RTA cabs and bring a fresh breeze of excitement to the city’s taxi services. The app and website will go live, giving you the green light to bid for your next thrilling ride.

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Get ready to bid, ride, and enjoy the journey with Drife, where taxi adventures take center stage. Stay tuned for the app’s grand entrance into Dubai’s vibrant transportation scene. It’s not just a ride; it’s a Drife experience coming soon to add a dash of fun to your daily travels!

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