Hai Ramadan Is Returning To Expo City – Here’s Everything You Can Expect From Family Fun To Holy Festivities

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, Expo City Dubai is buzzing with excitement to host its month-long celebration, Hai Ramadan. This event was a big success back in 2023, and we can anticipate it to be even more lively this year. So, let me ask you this – Are you ready to embrace the spirit of Ramadan with a mix of cultural activities, family-friendly fun, and mouthwatering iftars and suhoors? If you said YES then come with me as I tell you all the beautiful details of Hai Ramadan taking place from Ramadan 1 – 30 next month.

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Cultural Experiences & More!

Expo City Dubai is all set to transform into a lively hub, offering a welcoming atmosphere for everyone during Ramadan. Immerse yourself in the mesmerising projections at Al Wasl Plaza and soak in the rich cultural experiences. Hai Ramadan is not just any regular event; it’s a celebration that brings people from all backgrounds together.

Family Fun With Expo City Mascots, Theatrical Show & Arcade Games

Younger visitors are in for a surprise with Expo City mascots Rashid and Latifa taking centre stage in the theatrical show, “Quest to find the Moon” at Al Wasl Plaza. Engaging workshops and games designed to instil Ramadan values, such as kindness and compassion, will captivate children and help them embrace the spirit of the holy month.

Children also have their own special treats at Hai Ramadan. The Grandmother’s Supermarket and Dukan Yadoo offer a unique candy shopping experience using tokens from a traditional Floos Bank. Magic Planet UAE adds an extra layer of excitement with an arcade gaming experience for the little ones.

Food, Iftars & Suhoors Galore!

More than 20 outlets and food carts are set to offer a diverse array of iftars, suhoors, and Ramadan treats. For those seeking a distinctive dining experience, specially curated corporate iftars are available, starting at AED 275 per person. The picturesque Surreal water feature will be the venue for inclusive iftars, priced at AED 220 for adults and AED 95 for children aged 6-12 (children under five dine for free). Additionally, family-friendly iftars are accessible at the newly opened Oasis Food Hall, with rates beginning at AED 150 for adults and AED 90 for children aged 6-12 (children under five dine for free).

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Explore The Ramadan Souk: Handmade Crafts & Traditional Garments

Step into a lively souk at Expo City Dubai, where visitors can discover handmade crafts, traditional garments, and a plethora of Ramadan-themed items. It’s a perfect opportunity to indulge in some shopping and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture.

Hai Ramadan Details: When, Where & How to Join!

Hai Ramadan will run daily from 5 PM to 12 AM, providing ample time for everyone to join in the festivities. Entry is free for guests with iftar and suhoor bookings, while general admission is just AED 20 per person (children aged five and under enter for free). Get your tickets now on Platinumlist.

Get ready for a month of joy, reflection, and celebration at Expo City Dubai’s Hai Ramadan 2024!

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