GCC’s First Phygital Store Opens In Dubai

Imagine entering a seemingly empty store, browsing and selecting things on a tablet, and then discovering them in the trial room for you to try on. That is exactly the type of shopping experience you will have when the region’s first ‘phygital’ store opens in Dubai.

The ‘ phygital ‘ store, which opened in the Dubai Hills Mall by 6thstreet.com, combines the best of the real and virtual shopping experiences, with over 10,000 items and a response time of just 3 minutes.

“We have taken a physical space and added a digital element to it,” said Dharmin Ved, CEO of 6thstreet. “We were thinking of creating of a ‘wow’ experience for our customers when we realised that there are certain elements, like the touch and feel and the instant gratification of shopping, that are only available offline. So we wanted to combine the two and create a one-of-its-kind shopping experience.”

A wide range of products are offered in the store. Ranging from fashion, footwear, handbags, accessories, and perfumes. Once the items are selected the user can try their clothes on in the automated fitting room within just three minutes. The store has capability of providing a display which is 2.5 times more products than a regular store.

“With so many benefits of the phygital store, it is clear that the store is here to stay”, said Ved. “It is a huge difference to us in terms of sustainability, and it is inevitable that more brands will turn phygital.

We are paving the path. We are taking the toughest step by creating the path and we are sure that many more brands will follow our lead.”