Dubai Gets Ranked As The Most Popular Travel Destination On TikTok In 2022

Dubai is the top trending destination on TikTok with 81.8 billion views

Tiktok is one platform that surely lets you discover a lot of hidden gems and also inspires you to travel. Tiktok is a short video content platform where creators get a chance to showcase their talent. These days we all follow TikTok to find everything that is happening in the UAE, from the latest eateries to activities and entertainment. 

Bounce has released the Tiktok travel index 2022 where Dubai is by far the most-viewed destination on TikTok with views for videos featuring the hashtag #Dubai totalling over 81.8 billion! Dubai was placed second last year but this year it usurped the top spot from New York City, overturning a huge lead. Abu Dhabi was placed at 22nd position with 8.6 billion views on TikTok.

Bounce travel index states “Synonymous with wealth and luxury, Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations for holidaymakers who want to soak up the sun in style. This ultra-modern city is home to some of the world’s most astounding architecture,” 

New York Was placed in the 2nd position with 59.5 billion views & London came on third place with 36.8 billion views. 

Other destinations most viewed on TikTok are: ( position 4 – 10)

  • Istanbul, with 34 billion
  • Paris, with 33 billion
  • Miami, with 24.6 billion
  • Los Angeles, with 20.8 billion
  • Chicago, with 17.9 billion
  • Toronto, with 17.1 billion
  • Madrid, with 16 billion

Don’t believe us have a look at the pic below

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