Dubai ATM On Wheels: The Moving ATM Phenomenon

Dubai ATM On Wheels: Moving ATM Extravaganza

Personally if I saw an ATM moving by itself towards me, I’d hope it was coming to give me some free money. But sadly there’s, no such thing as free money (a single tear rolls out my eye). But of course only in Dubai will an ATM machine come to you rather than you having to scourer a mall to find one. Here are all the Hilariously bizarre details of the moving ATM sighting in Dubai.

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Emirates NBD, the largest bank in the UAE, has introduced the Awesome Travelling Machine, and it’s here to amaze us all!

This groundbreaking ATM was designed to capture attention and showcase the extensive ATM network of Emirates NBD. The captivating campaign, known as the “Awesome Travelling Machine,” was launched in February 2013 by the advertising firm FP7 on behalf of Emirates NBD. It falls under the Finance sector and utilises one media asset. It has been more than ten years since this ambient medium campaign was delivered.

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What Else Do We Know About The Tale Of The Travelling ATM Machine?

(Firstly, for those of you who got the reference I just made, you’re awesome) So, although the automated ATM is currently non-functional and does not dispense cash, the bank is considering the possibility of implementing this entertaining marketing concept in other emirates or incorporating it into Emirates NBD events. The initial phase received a positive response from mall visitors. Since its upload on YouTube a month ago, the accompanying video has garnered over 300,000 views.

ATMs are a vital service frequently used by retail banking customers and are commonly found in malls and public areas. Emirates NBD, a prominent bank in the region, proudly demonstrated its extensive ATM network, catering to over one million customers.

The two-day exhibition of this creative marketing campaign at the mall emphasised the notion that Emirates NBD’s ATMs are always within reach, showcasing the bank’s accessibility and commitment to serving its clients. With over 720 ATMs and CDMs, Emirates NBD boasts the largest ATM network in the country. These ATMs offer a wide range of services, with a third of them facilitating check and cash deposits. In addition to cash withdrawal, they provide various cash-related services such as bill payment, credit and debit card activation, mobile number updating, online transfers between accounts, and mobile banking registration.

Would you try out a moving ATM machine or run in the opposite direction?

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