Canton De Vaud Is Offering A 3D 360° Virtual Tour From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Even though taking vacations is a strict no-no today, nobody can stop you from taking a trip to different locations around the world from the comfort of your own home. So we thought why not take you to one of the largest cantons in Switzerland right from the living room. Yes, you read it right, Canton de Vaud is offering a 3D 360° Virtual Tour for everyone. Canton de Vaud is a stunning location known for its pristine valleys and the snow-covered Alps, located in The Lake Geneva region of Switzerland. Discover and learn more about Canton de Vaud from the comfort of your home using the new interactive virtual experience.

Canton de Vaud is usually a 40-minute train ride away from Lausanne and it covers an area of 3,212 km2, which also makes it one of the largest cantons in Switzerland. The mountain shares its beautiful bourses with France and the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Berne and Valais.

Through this 3D virtual tours, you can now become experience with some of Vaud’s most breathtaking sites including Peak Walk on Glacier 3000, the Kuklos in Leysin, the Lavaux vineyards and the Chasseron cliffs. Admire Lausanne Cathedral, Joux Lake and Château-d’Oex. Dive into the heart of the Roman arenas of Avenches and the natural expanses of the Grande Cariçaie. Board one of the ships of the GCN, cruise in front of Chillon Castle or take a walk on the lakeside promenades of Morges and Nyon. Thanks to the new interactive portal, there are so many stunning destinations that can be discovered from the comfort of your lounge.



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