TLC Is Here With Little People Big World To Make Your Monday Evenings Better!

The Roloff family is back! This series is a treat for people who already know and love the Roloff family since the last 14 years. And for those, who are unfamiliar with this beautiful family, here is a chance to get to know them and fall in love with them! This series is coming back and we get to experience a whole lot of changes with the Roloff family, including a new home, farm renovation, pregnancies and so much more.

Following Matt and Amy’s divorce, the family continues to advance in various ways. Matt buys out Amy’s stake in the Roloff farms, and this pushes Amy to decide that she can no longer live so close to her ex-husband. While she has begun a journey to find a new home, her boyfriend Chris is making major efforts for both their futures.

Just when Zach and Tori are adjusting and evolving as parents to their son Jackson, they are told that Tori is pregnant again! However, this pregnancy is full of challenges. While they know that its a baby girl, they are yet to find out if the baby will be a little person. 

Matt has his hands full, with keeping up with the farm and figuring out what the future holds with girlfriend Caryn.

With every member of the family going through major changes, this series is full of love, disagreements, challenges, tensions, laughter and fun!

Little People, Big World airs Mondays at 9:00pm (KSA) on TLC (OSN channel 212) 


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