Burj Khalifa Charges AED 1 Million For 15 Mins Of Advertising

What comes to your mind when you think of our beloved Dubai? Great food, great culture & of course the world’s tallest tower – the Burj Khalifa. The laser shows on the Burj have always made the news, but have you ever thought of how much one advertisement costs? Well, here’s the cost break-up for you!

According to a rate card shared with Arabian Business, the cost to place an ad, whether it is a message, or a movie teaser is as follows:

Weekdays: The cost starts from AED 250,000 for three minutes from 8PM to 10PM (exclusive of VAT)
Weekends: The cost starts from AED 350,000 for three minutes from 8PM to 10PM (exclusive of VAT)
Weekdays + Weekends: The cost comes to AED 500,000 for 2 three-minute impressions on any night between 8PM and 10PM (exclusive of VAT). The price of a whopping AED 1 million gets you 5 three-minute impressions any night between 7PM until midnight. (exclusive of VAT)

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