All You Need To Know About UAE’s First Indian Restaurant To Accept Cryptocurrency

Credits: Zomato

Cryptocurrency is one of the leading ways of investing money nowadays. The new generation (Millenials & Gen Z) love dealing in crypto. If you are a crypto buff, and you ever think about buying some delicious food here is where you should go! ‘The Bhukkad Cafe’ is UAE’s first Indian restaurant to accept cryptocurrency. This café uses the Bitpay app for all transactions. Here is all you need to know about them!

Credits: Instagram

They stated it all began last year when they began holding Money Mentorship Workshops at The Bhukkad Cafe – they began with one season and concluded with three housefuls and packed seasons of workshops where they taught individuals on financial health, investment, personal money management, and cryptocurrency. They immediately understood that their millennial audience was not interested in age-old investment approaches, but instead looked to them to teach them about the booming crypto business. They taught them the fundamentals, strategies, investing styles, and NFTs – Because they recognise the value of blockchain technology and believe in its future applications, they are ready to walk the walk and accept Bitcoin payments.

This café not only aims to serve fresh and tasty food but also hopes of spreading knowledge & bringing awareness to cryptocurrencies. They hope to tell people more about blockchain ad cryptocurrency and intrigue the ones who don’t know anything about it. They want people to at least begin to read/research about blockchain technology & how that stands to solve great problems in different sectors. Cryptocurrency is not just some cool new fun way of dealing with money, to young people it can show new ways to invest money.