3 Reasons Why You Need To Binge Watch ‘Sherlock’ Right Now!

Thriller and mystery themed TV shows are something that we all swear by. A good suspense story keeps you intrigued and entertained at all times. One such amazing thriller themed series is ‘Sherlock’. This show mainly talks about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes along with his sidekick Dr. John Watson. Together the duo solves the most mysterious crimes. So here are 5 reasons why you should binge watch ‘Sherlock’ right now!

Watch the trailer below:

Typical London Vibes: 

The show is set in late 19th century London. In the background you will just see spectacular London bridges and roads along with people wearing long coats and hats. Just the bit of London you need right now!

The Duo: 

Everything from Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting to his dialogue delivery is just perfectly splendid. His body language and his expressions are beyond on point. Basically, he is the perfect fit for the character of Sherlock Holmes. Dr. John Watson completes Sherlock, he has everything what Sherlock lacks. Calm and collected John is the perfect sidekick to Sherlock.


None of the episodes will disappoint you. Each episode will have your attention till the very end and you will for sure not get disappointed with the ending. Each episodes ends beautifully and in a way which is beyond your imagination.


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