Why Michelle Obama’s BECOMING Is A Must Watch On NETFLIX!

We are all smitten by the former US President, Mr. Barack Obama’s charm, wit and intelligence. But for the first time, we have a chance to get to know the lady behind the supremely adored man. Michelle Obama’s memoir, BECOMING, has already been declared a best seller with millions of copies sold and still selling. Meanwhile, for us non-reading folks, NETFLIX is here with a documentary with the same name as the book, with Mrs. Obama as its lead cast member!

The documentary, BECOMING, follows Michelle Obama through her book tour while giving us glimpses of her present life and beautiful stories from her past. 

Michelle Obama studied at Princeton and Harvard; landed a high paying job at a law firm, and left it all to move into a role that can have a positive impact on the society. Her desire to find a purpose resonates with anyone struggling to become someone better and gives us all hope. If this girl from a humble family in Chicago can make it all the way to the White House, maybe nothing is truly impossible!

Being the First Lady, especially being the first Black First Lady came with its own unique challenges. Despite all the hardships that came her way, she describes being the First Lady as the biggest joy and honour in her life!

The highlight of this documentary is the impact Michelle Obama has on people, especially young girls. It is moving to see her talk to each of them and listen to their stories as if they were the most important people in the room.

Michelle Obama’s journey, her struggles and her triumphs are too many to be captured in a short documentary. However, BECOMING seems to capture the essence of who she is and why she is so loved.

BECOMING will leave you inspired and awestruck. Even if you don’t normally read books, it is possible that it might even encourage you to pick up that book and put your reading glasses on!


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