Why Amazon Prime’upload’ Is A Dream & A Nightmare All At Once!

Amazon Prime is here with its latest show called ‘Upload’. It is set in the year 2033 when artificial intelligence is an everyday necessity and the world is very different from what we might have imagined!

It is a world where science has progressed enough to make life after death a reality. But just like our world, money is the most important thing in that world at well. As the rich who have access to unlimited can afford to ‘Upload’ themselves into software designed to give them the heaven of their dreams. And the poor, can either choose to die without being ‘Uploaded’ or choose to be uploaded with limited data with a very bleak version of the software.

The show begins with the death of its central character, Nathan Brown, played by Robbie Amell. Since he belongs to the ‘have nots’ strata of the society, he didn’t have any plan ready to ‘Upload’. But lucky for him, his girlfriend was with him and since she belongs to the ‘three generations of unlimited data family’, she could afford to ‘Upload’ him into an afterlife!

This show is a dream because it gives an alternative solution to the very daunting question of what happens when we die. We can create our own version of heaven, and life there peacefully with our loved ones, for literally forever. The show is full of beautiful innovations that spike our curiosity about the future, like the phone screens that appear out of nowhere around the fingers, self-driving cars, the virtual reality travels, food that is printed with 3D printers, human-less shopping and much more.

Now let’s shift our focus to the reason why the future in the show is nightmarish! All the wonderful innovations of the future, come with a heavy price. The ‘Upload’ costs a lot of money and so does every activity done after being dead. With 3D printed food available for cheap, unprinted natural food has become expensive and not easily accessible. Artificial intelligence is present to the extent that the concept of privacy seems impossible.

This show will make you laugh and cry and while you’re engaged in the drama, you won’t even realise when you have finished binging the whole first season. Amazon Prime has already announced they’re going to be back with a second season and we can’t wait for it!


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