5 Indoors Games To Keep You Busy While Stuck At Home!

Human beings are social animals, and practising social distancing in these trying times is proving more difficult than we ever thought it would be. With lockdowns being eased, now is the time to be more responsible and avoid stepping out for unnecessary outings. 

To keep you busy at home, we have come up with a list of Five Indoors Games that can help pass the time while providing a fun filled day with your loved ones! This will help you stay away from any screens, be it your phones or laptops or TV, while spending your day in the company of the people you love.

1. UNO 

It is a family-friendly, super competitive, extremely fun card game. We all know how ‘draw fours’ have ended more friendships than anything else in the world! Jokes aside, this is a definite must-play game with your friends and family.

2. Monopoly 

It is a real estate related board game. With all the property buying, trading, collecting and paying rent, it can easily go on for hours. Along with being super fun, it can also teach you life lessons about patience and saving money if you really pay attention!

3. Scrabble

It is a word game, where the players get points on making words from word tiles and placing them on the board. It requires a mix of skills of language and maths, to make the right words which would also simultaneously make the highest points. 

4. Sequence 

It is an abstract strategy board-and-card game. It can be played in teams or single player. This game is sure to fill your day by keeping your mind busy and creating a constant conversation around the house passing the day by in a jiffy!

5. Life

It is a board game that takes the player through the stages of life. It’s a game loved by kids and elders alike, perfect for an indoor day with your family or friends. A wonderful way of creating beautiful memories, having fun and staying safe!


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