Why Black & White Challenge Has Taken Over Instagram With A Storm! 

You log in to your Instagram account and you are bound to see women uploading their pictures in black and white filter with the hashtag challenge accepted (#challengeaccepted).

We can all agree that beautiful women uploading their black and white images is not a challenge for them at all. But it has been spreading like wildfire because the underlying message behind this challenge is worth all the attention it is getting.

Even in this age full of loud feminists who are making their voices heard, we are far from an equal rights situation in most countries around the world. Crimes and prejudice against women are as widespread as before and it is time we as the human race do something about it.

The challenge is for women to show their support and appreciation for other women. It aims at being a black and white challenge for women, black, white and brown.

Women joining hands and spreading love for other women is all that we need right now!


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