5 Short Films To Binge On YouTube

Stories are what life is made up of. If we look carefully around us, we realise that all the things happening around us are part of stories of people, places and the universe as a whole.

We’ve come up with a list of wonderfully made short films with beautiful stories on YouTube that will make your weekend!

1. The Neighbour’s Window – Oscar Winning Short Film

This is a thought provoking short film which leave you thinking about your own thoughts in a new light. 

2. A Social Life | Award Winning Short Film | Social Media Depression 

Mental health is at higher stake than ever, especially after the worldwide lockdowns to battle COVID-19. As our time spent in front of the screens increases, this film is a reminder to separate real from what we see online.

3. A groom gets cold feet and posts about it to social media. Then it goes viral. | Made Public

This drama unfolds as we get invested in this couple and see their take on a wedding and marriage.

4. A young woman tried speed dating to find the man of her dreams | Speed Dating

This one is a visual treat. It tells you about how the one you end up with may not be perfect for the world but should be perfect for you!

5. The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

If you’ve ever worked at a corporate this will leave you in splits and also pity yourself for relating to the video so much.


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