7 Ways To Be Responsible While Things Are Back on Track

People all around the world are dealing with the effects of widespread COVID-19. Some countries are still knee-deep in the deadly virus and some have managed to find their way out.

The UAE is starting to flow in its normal rhythm, with average cases reaching an all-time low. Restaurants, malls and entertainment zones are opening up for business. That being said, there are several rules still in place including compulsory masks and social distancing practices.

With this shift into our new version of normal lives, here are a few things that can help:

1. Take it slow

Some of us have been busy in the house, with work from home and cooking up a storm, while some of us have been binging on Netflix. For all of us, this has been the farthest we have been from our normal routines and it will take some time to get used to it.

2. Take a break whenever needed

For most adults, this is the biggest change and our new normal is not what we ever imagined it to be. So it’s okay to get overwhelmed or anxious about it all. Take a small break from working, or take a day off. Give your mind and body time to adjust to the routine.

3. Know the rules

Ignorance of a rule is no excuse for not following it. Rules are being updated daily, and as people residing in the country, it is our duty to research daily and know all the rules applicable to us.

4. Follow the rules

Just knowing the rules is not enough, we must follow them too. Not just to avoid fines, but also to stay protected and take care of each other as a community.

5. Don’t avoid symptoms 

If you feel like you have a fever or cold or any other of the COVID-19 symptoms, it is important to not take them lightly. It is ideal to avoid outings and contact a doctor to assess the situation.

6. Avoid crowds

A way to stay protected is to be away from large gatherings. Avoid creating gatherings at home and being a part of one.

7. Go for the unusual time

Weekends are the time most people are usually free and hence places are the most crowded. If you get a weekday off or if you tend to leave early on a weekday, you can head for your grocery shopping or any other chore.


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