UAE : World’s First Emirati & Arab Astronauts To Be Sent To The Moon

UAE has already made Space history this past year by sending 2 of the world’s first Emirati astronauts to the international Space Station. And they don’t have plans on stopping there. In their next mission UAE is set to embark on an extraordinary journey to the Moon, as it joins a global initiative to construct and launch the first-ever space station orbiting Earth’s celestial neighbour. The UAE’s skilled space engineers will play a pivotal role in crafting a 10-tonne ‘Crew and Science’ airlock, serving as the access point for astronauts on the Lunar Gateway. Here are the stellar details you need to know about this mission to the moon.

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Astronauts To Enter The Moon’s Orbit

UAE is now gearing up to send the first Arab and Emirati astronaut to the Moon’s orbit. This momentous decision is part of a collaborative effort between the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and NASA, aiming to execute the lunar mission upon the project’s completion in 2030.

Which Emirati Astronauts Are Being Called For This Mission?

The UAE boasts four mission-ready astronauts, with two having already completed space missions. The cooperation with NASA builds on past collaborations, with Hazzaa AlMansoori and Sultan AlNeyadi having made significant contributions to international space exploration.

Sultan AlNeyadi (Credits: NASA)

UAE’s Commitment To Space Cooperation

The UAE proudly stands alongside the United States, Japan, Canada, and the European Union in contributing to NASA’s Lunar Gateway station. President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan expressed the country’s determination to work collectively with international partners for the progress of all involved. The UAE’s active participation underscores its dedication to advancing space exploration on a global scale.

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