You Can Now Explore Abu Dhabi’s Mangroves In An All-New Boating Experience

If you’ve been yearning for an exciting way to embrace Abu Dhabi’s splendid weather and explore its breathtaking landmarks, look no further. Now, you can elevate your experience by embarking on an unforgettable boat ride through the stunning waters of Abu Dhabi with Hero Boat Tours.

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A Mangrove Adventure Unleashed

Picture this: You, adorned in your finest sailor’s scarf, steering your way through the city’s mesmerising mangroves on one of Hero Boat Tours’ super self-driving boats. Feel the rush of becoming the captain of your own adventure, with iconic views of Abu Dhabi’s skyline as your backdrop.

Capturing Wonders Along The Way

As you cruise through the waterways, prepare to be mesmerized by the sights. From the majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque to the historic Old Maqta Watch Towers, and the vibrant Al Qana to the serene Hunter’s Island – each moment promises to be a snapshot of Abu Dhabi’s beauty.

How Much Does It Cost?

This thrilling experience has a starting price of AED 690 for a single rider and AED 790 for a double rider. For those seeking the magic of a sunset cruise, Hero Boat Tours offers rides at AED 790 for a single rider and AED 890 for a double rider under the enchanting orange skies of the capital city.

Tis The Season Of Aqua-Based Adventures

It’s safe to say that this season is all about aqua-based adventures in Abu Dhabi. With Hero Boat Tours leading the way, there’s no shortage of excitement on the waters. Get ready to make waves and create memories that will last a lifetime! Visit their website and get your water adventure started.

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