Sheikh Hamdan Unveils Plans For The Next UAE Space Mission In 2024, Including UAE’s First Female Astronaut

In a groundbreaking announcement, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), unveiled plans that are set to reshape the UAE’s presence in the space industry. During a recent MBRSC board meeting, Sheikh Hamdan shared an exciting vision for the future of space exploration in the UAE. Here are the stellar details you need to know.

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A Trailblazing Mission Awaits

The crown prince revealed that by 2024, two new UAE astronauts, Mohammed Al Mulla and UAE’s first female astronaut Nora Al Matroushi, will embark on what he described as “trailblazing space missions.” These missions promise to be a significant milestone for the UAE’s burgeoning space program. These two talented individuals have been selected to train alongside NASA astronauts and are set to be ready for space missions upon their graduation from the program in 2024.

Sheikh Hamdan Unveils Plans For The Next UAE Space Mission In 2024, Including UAE's First Female Astronaut

Pioneering Satellite Launch & Moon Exploration

But that’s not all. The UAE is gearing up for a remarkable satellite launch and a continued moon exploration project. Sheikh Hamdan enthusiastically informed the public about the impending launch of MBZ-Sat. Notably, this satellite, launching next year, will be the most advanced commercial satellite in the region for high-resolution satellite imagery. Boasting a substantial amount of local engineering marks another significant milestone for the UAE. Meanwhile, the Rashid Rover 2 project is marching forward, underscoring the nation’s unwavering commitment to lunar exploration.

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Sheikh Hamdan Unveils Plans For The Next UAE Space Mission In 2024, Including UAE's First Female Astronaut

Opening New Horizons In Space Exploration

During the meeting, Sheikh Hamdan was presented with an overview of the Centre’s ambitious missions and future programs. He emphasised the forthcoming exceptional projects that are set to open new horizons in space exploration. The UAE’s rapidly advancing space sector is on the brink of becoming a significant global contributor, thanks to its unique initiatives and missions.

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Sheikh Hamdan also emphasised the pivotal role played by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre in realising the UAE’s aspirations in space exploration. The goal is to unearth new data, acquire knowledge, and gain insights that will not only enrich the nation but also benefit the entire region and the global community.

UAE’s Commitment To Excellence

In his closing remarks, Sheikh Hamdan underlined the UAE’s commitment to maintaining high standards of space excellence. The nation intends to continue launching ambitious missions in alignment with its leadership’s vision, solidifying its role as an innovator and trailblazer in both the region and the world.

Highlighting Achievements & Collaborations

The meeting also celebrated the UAE’s achievements, including the success of the longest Arab space mission, led by UAE Astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi. This mission, in collaboration with international space agencies and leading universities, conducted over 200 experiments aimed at advancing space exploration and scientific knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

UAE welcomed Astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi back home on Monday, September 18th. The country is greatly proud of everything he has achieved for space research and development, standing as a strong representative for the Middle Eastern Region. Now, we cannot wait to see how Mohammed Al Mulla and UAE’s first female astronaut Nora Al Matroushi carry on the legacy.

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