Top 5 Movies On Netflix To Watch In The Month Of February

February 2020 is a perfect month, which means that the first day of this month started with a Monday and the 28th of February will be a Sunday. It is a perfect month made up of four weeks. Hence it will also have four weekends. So here are our top Netflix movie picks for the month of February:


This sci-fi thriller will literally blow your mind. Though it is a slightly long movie, but it is truly worth the watch. So grab all the food that you can because this one won’t let you leave your couch. Watch the trailer below:


If you are brave and ready for some flashback of March 2020, then go for this one. This movie will literally take you back to March 2020, where it all began. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride with this one! Watch the trailer below:

Over The Moon: 

This cute animated masterpiece is something which you can enjoy with your whole family. Easy going, relaxing and refreshing are just few of the words I have to say about this movie. Watch the trailer below:

We Can Be Heroes:

Another family friendly classic, expect a lot of thriller and action in this one. It is all about a bunch of kids with amazing super powers who have a mission to complete. Watch the trailer below:

Pride & Prejudice:  

This Jane Austin’s classic is something that you can’t miss. Set in the 19th century, a story of a family of 5 sisters who wish to marry well. Watch the trailer below:


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