TikTok To Launch A Music Streaming App Soon!

Credits: Pixabay

This is great news for TikTok lovers. After staking their claim and showing their dominance on the short-video format market, TikTok parent company Byte Dance is now eying the music streaming market and will soon launch ‘TikTok Music’

We have no idea how well or not this new venture would do but we are positive that Apple, Spotify and the rest should be a little careful of their new competition. Back in May, the company filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for “TikTok Music”.

TikTok Music will have various features including providing online non-downloadable videos, non-downloadable audio, still and moving images featuring music, songs, lyrics and presentation of online music videos via mobile device, among other features.

Along with this, the TikTok service will also offer pre-recorded music, information in the field of music and commentary and articles about music. Though there’s no release date set for the app, Byte Dance submitted a similar application in Australia last November, before filing in the US on May 9th.

As of now, TikTok already has a streaming app called Resso, available exclusively in Brazil, India and Indonesia.

There are new adventures on the horizon for TikTok and we cannot be happier for them.