This Zoo Lets You Name A Cockroach After Your Ex & Feed It To An Animal On Valentine’s Day

How much do you hate your toxic ex? And tell us honestly, just how much does it annoy you, that when you stalk them, they seem to be having a chill life? Well, what if we tell you that there is could be a solution to all these issue that ‘bug’ you – quite literally. The San Antonio zoo in Texas, USA will let you literally name a cockroach after your ex & feed it to an animal! Here’s how you can do it!

San Antonio Zoo’s ‘Cry Me A Cockroach’ Valentine!

Join the global sensation and support wildlife conservation by participating in the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser hosted by the San Antonio Zoo. This Valentine’s Day, make a difference by donating USD 5, USD 10, or USD 25 to symbolically name a cockroach, rodent, or vegetable after someone special (or not-so-special) in your life.

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By making a donation, you will receive a digital Valentine’s Day card showing your support for the fundraiser. You can also opt to send a digital card to your designated recipient, informing them that they were named after a cockroach, rodent, or vegetable and fed to an animal at the San Antonio Zoo.

Last year, the most popular names were Jacob and Sarah! Make your donation today and submit a name to be part of the fun. Your support will help secure a future for wildlife not just in Texas but around the world.

How To Participate?

Click on the link here and fill up your details.
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