Woman Punches, Spits, Walks Half Naked On Abu Dhabi-India Flight

A female Italian passenger was allegedly arrested by the Mumbai Police after causing a disturbance on a Vistara Airlines flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on January 30th, 2023.

Woman Punches, Spits, Walks Half Naked On Abu Dhabi-India Flight

The passenger, identified as Paola Perruccio, was reportedly inebriated and insisted on being seated in business class, even though she was booked in economy. During the flight, she created a disturbance by partially disrobing and walking up and down the aisle, hurling abuses and assaulting crew members.

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In response to the unruly behavior, the captain issued a warning and restrained the passenger. The airline also informed the security agencies on the ground upon arrival, in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs). A medical examination was conducted on the passenger, and a chargesheet was filed by the Mumbai Police within a day, following all necessary formalities, including recording statements from co-passengers, crew, and others.

This incident is not the first time that Vistara Airlines has dealt with unruly passengers. Last year, a passenger was handed over to London Heathrow airport authorities after manhandling and abusing crew members during a flight. The passenger was detained for investigation upon arrival at Heathrow.

In conclusion, the Mumbai Police acted swiftly in this case of mid-air misbehavior, filing a chargesheet in record time. The airline also followed its SOPs by informing the security agencies and conducting a medical examination on the passenger. Passengers are reminded to respect the rules and regulations of air travel to ensure the safety and comfort of all those onboard.

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