There’s A Huge K-Pop Festival Happening In Abu Dhabi Next Month!

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A big shout-out to all the K-pop fans! This one is for you.

Our excitement cannot be contained as there will be a huge Korean music festival in Abu Dhabi at Etihad Arena this September! Hyperound K-Fest Abu Dhabi is coming next month.

Hyperound K-Fest is coming to the capital for the first time and it’s bringing loads of styles of Korean music with it. When you think of Korean music, your mind might immediately jump to K-Pop, but there are loads of other genres of Korean music to enjoy.

While Hyperound K-Fest has its fair share of K-Pop artists performing, there will also be other genres of music to explore. That’s what the festival is all about.

In fact, Hyperound K-fest Abu Dhabi is bringing ten different acts to the UAE stage, including Korean hip-hop, Korean ballad, Korean rock and other genres!

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It’s going to be an epic festival as many of the songs that will be performed are well-known to fans of Korean music, while some new songs will be performed for the first time at the event. Some bands will also be making their Middle East debuts at the event!

The huge K-Pop festival will feature 10 of the biggest Korean music sensations and all but two names, probably the main headliners, are yet to be announced.

Who are the confirmed artists? 

At the moment, these are the artists and groups that are confirmed: Loco, Paul Kim, P1Harmony, Sik-K, DJ Woogie, GOT7 member Jay B, Peakboy and The Rose.

The line-up was announced over the past five days, and with ticket sales opening soon, we can expect to know the full list of artists at some point this week.

The event will take place on September 10. But get ready to click on the buy tickets button on August 10 as that’s when the tickets are going on sale. K-Pop has a huge fan base and you really don’t want to be late and miss this opportunity!