Terminal A Redefines Abu Dhabi’s Aviation Landscape With 28 Airlines

On October 31, aviation history took a giant leap forward as Etihad Airways proudly spearheaded the inaugural commercial flight from Terminal A at Abu Dhabi International Airport. This marked the start of a thrilling chapter for the airport, with Terminal A now being the operational base for an impressive lineup of 28 international airlines. Here are your need to know details.

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Terminal A: Gateway To The World

Abu Dhabi Airports proudly announced the completion of the transitional phase, officially designating Terminal A as the primary hub for Abu Dhabi International Airport. This strategic move sets the stage for a significant boost in aviation capacity in the region.

Seamless Travel Experience

With Terminal A fully operational, the airport is geared up to process a whopping 45 million travellers annually and accommodate up to 79 planes simultaneously. The terminal boasts cutting-edge biometric technology, promising a smooth and efficient screening and boarding process. Additionally, it flaunts a sprawling 35,000 square meters of retail and dining space, elevating the overall passenger experience.

Terminal A Redefines Abu Dhabi's Aviation Landscape With 28 Airlines

Cheers To A New Era

Elena Sorlini, the Managing Director and Interim CEO at Abu Dhabi Airports, expressed her excitement, saying, “With all airlines now operating from Terminal A, I’m pleased to announce a new era for operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport.” This heralds not just a change in infrastructure but also a commitment to enhancing passenger experience and allowing international airlines to expand their presence in Abu Dhabi.

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Soaring Numbers

November is projected to witness a flurry of activity at Terminal A, with a forecast of 7,669 flights. The first two weeks alone witnessed 1,557 flights, setting a dynamic pace. December is expected to escalate these numbers further, with an anticipated 12,220 flights and a staggering 2.29 million passengers.

Meet The Elite 28

The distinguished list of 28 airlines now operating from Terminal A reads like a who’s who in the aviation industry. From Etihad Airways to Qatar Airways, each airline is contributing to the thriving ecosystem of this bustling new hub.

  1. Air Arabia
  2. Air India
  3. Air India Express
  4. Airblue
  5. AirFrance
  6. Aeroflot
  7. Badr Airlines
  8. Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  9. Cham Wings
  10. EgyptAir
  11. Etihad Airways
  12. Gulf Air
  13. Indigo
  14. Kam Air
  15. Middle East Airlines
  16. Pegasus Airlines
  17. Pobeda
  18. Pakistan International Airlines
  19. Qatar Airways
  20. Royal Jordanian
  21. Saudia
  22. Smartwings
  23. SriLankan Airlines
  24. SunExpress
  25. Syrian Air
  26. Turkish Airlines
  27. Vistara
  28. WIZZ Air

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