Expo City Is Offering Free Access To Selective Attractions During COP28 This December

For a limited-time only ticketed attractions at Expo City are breaking free from their price tags during the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Hold your horses! Starting November 15, the general public won’t have their usual playground in Expo City. Here are all the free attractions and their dates that you need to know about.

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Ticketing Takes A Break: November 18 – December 3

From Saturday, November 18, Expo City is hitting the pause button on ticket sales as it gears up for COP28. Why? Because they’re prepping for a spectacular event, and they want everyone to join in without the hassle of buying tickets.

Green Zone Extravaganza: December 3 Onwards

Drumroll, please! Starting December 3, dive into the Green Zone wonders for free. The Sustainability Pavilion, Expo City Dubai Pavilion, Expo City Farm Alif, Vision Pavilion, and Women’s Pavilion are throwing open their doors without costing you a dime.

Expo City Is Offering Free Access To Selective Attractions During COP28 This December

What’s the Green Zone all about? Imagine musicals, art exhibitions, engaging debates, green farming delights, and dining options that’ll make your taste buds dance. Starting December 3, the Green Zone is your playground. Psst, there might be a few events with extra hoops to jump through, so be sure to check the COP28 website for day pass registration.

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COP28: The Climate Change Extravaganza

Save the dates: November 30 to December 12. COP28 is making waves with more than 70,000 attendees, from global delegates to passionate scientists. Expo City, the vibrant heart of it all, is transforming into Blue and Green Zones. The Blue Zone is exclusive, but guess what? The Green Zone is your open invitation!

Explore Expo City Wisely

With access restricted from November 15 to December 3, plan your visit wisely. Why not aim for the sweet spot when the Green Zone lights up on December 3? It’s your chance to be part of the Expo City magic during this climate change extravaganza!

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