Ten Stand Up Comedians To Check Out On Amazon Prime

The lockdown keeps getting extended and we are all still at home. The news is full of Corona Virus impacts and it can get overwhelming and create anxiety. It is essential to be updated but it is also important to take a break and laugh a little. Since we are stuck at home, what better way to tickle our funny bones than to watch the best comic stand-ups on our screens! To make things easier for you, here are Ten Stand Up Comedians to check out on Amazon Prime:

1. Russel Peters: Deported

One of the most loved comedians, Russel Peters is here to make you laugh! In this show that increases your knowledge and keeps you amused, he takes his culturally comedic set to Mumbai, India.

2. Rob Delaney: Jackie

Critically acclaimed American comic Rob Delaney talks about the hilarious ups and downs of his life in London. The co-creator and star of “Catastrophe” also joke about other things including the disappearance of his friend Jackie.

3. Biswa Kalyan Rath: Sushi

From his early days of ridiculous film reviews, this Indian Comedian has come a long way! In this special Biswa Kalyan Rath takes us through carefully curated jokes that are sure to make us feel light and cheerful.

4. Kanan Gill: Keep It Real

He is adored for his good looks, charm and wit and in this one hour special, Kanan Gill makes us fall for him all over again. His stories are relatable, interesting and as always, super funny!

5. Kaksha Gyarvi

The “sakht launda” Zakir Khan is back with his bag full of stories when he was growing up. These stories are sure to make you feel nostalgic whilst creating a laugh riot.

6. Rohan Joshi: Wake and Bake

Rohan Joshi comes with his special and leaves us with an hour full of giggles. He talks about being in his thirties, the messed education system and renovating his home among other random but hilarious things.

7. Ed Gamble: Blood Sugar

In this first first ever stand up special by Ed Gamble, he leaves us in splits. A definite must watch!

8. Flo and Joan: Alive On Stage

This is two treats in one – Music and Comedy! The award winning musical comedy sister duo are here to entertain us with their melodious voices and their jokes!

9. Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time

This “Quality Time” is the best way to use our time! In this seventh comedy special, Jim Gaffigan proves why he is so loved and why is is undoubtedly one of the most funniest.

10. Chris Ramsey: Approval Needed

In his latest comedy special Chris Ramsey is sure to impress you with his jokes and perfect comedic timing. This critically acclaimed comedian is a must watch!


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